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3/8" Wide Cat Safety Collar 6-9"

3/8" Wide Cat Safety Collar 8-14"

3/8" Wide XS Dog Collar 6-9"

3/8" Wide Small Dog Collar 8-14"

5/8" Wide Small Dog Collar 8-14"

3/4" Wide Medium Dog Collar 11-18"

1" Wide Large Dog Collar 13-21"

1" Wide XL Dog Collar 17-30"

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A great collar for patriotic holidays or everyday wear!!  This pattern is ribbon sewn onto high-quality nylon and looks great with red or blue nylon, so pick your favorite color on the bottom of this page.

For proper sizing, please refer to the following chart:

Size Collar Length Collar Width Weight of Pet
XXS 6-9" 3/8" Up to 6 lbs
XS 8-14" 3/8" 5-20 lbs
Small 8-14" 5/8" 5-20 lbs
Medium 11-18" 3/4" 15-60 lbs
Large 13-21" 1" 20-70 lbs
XL 17-30" 1" 60-200 lbs
XXS Cat 6-9" 3/8" Up to 6 lbs
XS Cat 8-14" 3/8" 5-20 lbs

Please note: the XS and Small sizes are the same length, just different width nylon. The 3/8" wide collar is more appropriate for XS dogs like the Chihuahua, Min Pin, Papillon, etc. The 5/8" wide collar is more appropriate for dogs like the Maltese, Schnauzer, small Terriers, etc. The cat collars have an elastic piece sewn on for safety, so if the cat gets the collar stuck on any object, the elastic will stretch and allow the cat to release it's neck.

If you have any questions about sizing, or you need a different size than we have listed, please call or email us. We do make all of the collars, so we are able to make any size you need!

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