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No-Pull Easy LeashNo-Pull Easy Leash

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The Easy Leash is a great leash designed with bungee inside to provide enough resistance that your dog cannot keep pulling on the leash when you go for a walk. When the dog tries to pull on the leash, they can stretch it some, but the constant resistance does not allow them to continue to pull. So, every time your dog pulls on the leash, the leash pulls the dog right back. Every time your dog tries to pull, the leash pulls right back, making this the most consistent way to train your dog and stopping what has just become a bad habit for your dog. There are 4 different sizes to ensure the dog has the correct amount of resistance. The extra small is for dogs up to 10 lbs, the small is for dogs 10-30 lbs, the medium is for dogs 30-70 lbs, and the large is for dogs over 70 lbs. We offer different lengths in this leash to help in the training of your dog. The 4 foot length is the best for dogs that pull a lot, are out of control, or that you would like to train faster (you can train a dog much faster with a short leash than a long one). The 6 foot length leash is fine for dogs that have the occassional pulling problem. We also offer an "extender", which is 2 feet of bungee, that you can attach to any length leash you currently have including retractable leashes. Our 4 and 6 foot length leashes have a wonderful padded handle on them for your comfort. I have been making this leash for the last 12 years, and have personally trained many dogs. I previously trained dogs with "head collars" and found many dogs resisted having anything on their nose. When I started using the Easy Leash (just on the dog's regular collar), I had even better training results with a more relaxed animal. I have been blessed with hounds as pets for many years, and even use this leash when tracking and trailing with my dogs. Please note, you need to use this with a non-choking collar or harness. The reason for this is that the dog needs to pull on the leash, feel the resistance of the bungee, and then feel the pull back from the bungee for the leash to work. If you use a collar that tightens on the dog's neck at all, they do not stretch the bungee and the leash will not be as effective.

If you need more training help after you purchase an Easy Leash from us, we are always available to assist you. Just call or email us with your concerns and we will be happy to help!

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